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Design and integration 

✓ Kitchen and bath layout and design

✓ Paint color consulting

✓ Room refresher service, includes accessory acquisition, styling, and placement of individual items

✓ One-day room makeovers - we restyle and rearrange your space using all your own things. We find your treasures and showcase them

✓ Holiday Décor

✓ Intimate event design 

✓ Space/Energy Clearing 

Home staging

✓ Feng shui to create harmonious energy in your home or office space

Interested in our Interior Design Services? ​​​​​​​

 Complete home remodels

✓ Kitchen/Bathroom remodels 

✓ Furniture layout 

Project sourcing and buying, including but not limited to:

          ✓ Furniture

          ✓ Rugs

          ✓ Tile

          ✓ Flooring

          ✓ Fabric 

          ✓ Lighting 

          ✓ Wall treatments 

          ✓ Window Coverings

          ✓ Accessories and more

Our team thinks outside the box. Not only do we work with your home and your lifestyle, we incorporate your personal intuition to create you the perfect space for you and your needs. We are committed to saving you money by finding the best deals possible through our trusted wholesalers and designer showrooms while passing along our designer discounts to you!  We also have a team of highly skilled, professional, licensed contractors and skilled finishers who execute all our design plans, with Lisa being the Projector Manager who designs your space and oversees every aspect of the project from start to finish. Let us turn your space into the fresh, harmonious space you've been longing for. 

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Ready to book a session with Lisa?

Simply email her below and she'll get back to you within 24-48 hours or go ahead and click on the "Let's Connect" button and book your session now! Lisa is looking forward to connecting with you!

Lisa Silverman and her devoted team are committed to creating beauty, happiness, and healing within their client's lives, whether that's creating beautiful spaces through interior design, space clearing, and energy balancing work, or simply helping you connect with someone on the other side. As a psychic medium, our founder, Lisa Silverman, can create a home or office space that is beautiful, inviting, and energetically clear, grounded, and peaceful. She may even help you connect with your past ones in the process.

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These sessions are done in person or you can chat online through video conferencing or Facetime where Lisa will be able to view your home or office space. She'll be able to tune in and get a feeling for the energy in your space and help advise you on what remedies need to happen. The goal is to create a happy 'Chi' energy or whatever the area needs to be clear, uplifted, and harmonious. We recommend a Space Clearing session when moving into a new home or business, or if you're just feeling stuck and stagnate in some areas of your life. Often clients do this at the change of the four seasons.

Lisa will use her spiritual tools and 'tool belt' for clearing the space and removing old, stuck energy. Lisa uses her intuition, along with crystals, sage, and other special magical tools to clear the space and create positive energy. We also do a blessing and set your intentions for your environment. You will truly feel and sense the difference and so will your family and friends! And the best part: often, loved ones come in to give you a message too.  

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Apart from being one of the most talented interior designers in the San Francisco Bay area, Lisa Silverman does so much more than just create beautiful interiors; Lisa is able to connect with the other side. Not only will she create a home or office space that’s beautiful and inviting, but she can also help you connect to your passed loves ones. Lisa helps you focus in on your intentions for your reading but is also open to deliver whatever Spirit wants you to know. Starting every session with a blessing from The Divine, she asks you to speak your name aloud, so that she can tune into your energies. You will be blown away by the accurate messages Lisa picks up on; being the channel between you and your passed loved one. She uses different tools in all of her readings, depending on your needs, preferences, and what she’s picking up on.

These sessions are done in person or over video conferencing or Facetime. Lisa has a variety of Oracle Card Reading spreads, and the decks used is determined at the time of the session. Amazing answers come from Lisa's Oracle Card readings, that range from subtle or very blatant messages all depending on your questions, energy, and your story in motion. Small group readings allow Lisa to do what she does best—connect the living with spirits on the other side.

Throughout these two-hour sessions, Lisa can pass on profound and healing messages directly from your deceased loved ones in a safe, supportive, and intimate setting. Believe it or not, each group comes together for reasons that are only revealed by spirits once the reading is underway. In this way, no two groups are ever the same—it’s magical stuff! In addition to providing collective wisdom to the group, Lisa can deliver many personalized and validating messages to every individual in attendance. Sessions run a full two hours. Each participant receives a personal reading. A recording of the session will be provided to all participants. Set the intention for your soul's healing and highest good, gain validation and information for yourself through others’ readings, share in the camaraderie of a small group dynamic!

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Pets have souls too, and Lisa knows first-hand how much they are a part of families, and just how devastating it can be losing one. During this session, Lisa helps you connect with your fur babies. Lisa can connect with living and passed over pets, to deliver the messages you are looking for.

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Can I ask questions and speak with my loved ones?

Absolutely, yes! Think of it as if Lisa is the translator, delivering information back and forth between you and your loved one, almost as if she was translating from one language to another. Your loved ones will many times, however, offer their advice or guidance, or alert you to things you may need to be more aware of in your life or future. When Lisa “opens up” she never knows who will come through. It is like she is picking up a telephone, not knowing who will answer on the other end. Sometimes the most random spirit will come through. People sometimes ask, “what are they doing here?” Especially if it was not a close relative or friend. To which Lisa replies, because they can! Just as you are excited to speak with them, so are they to speak with you. This is a rare and magical opportunity for both sides, never forget that. Please also understand that many times, spirits are asking Lisa to deliver information and messages that she does not personally understand. This information may be related to the spirits’ medical condition how they passed, relationships in the in their life with family and friends. Some of the information received may be out of her personal scope of understanding or knowledge, though she will do her very best to describe to you the nature of what is being shown or described to her by your loved one. She does not need you to give her information, but she may need you to validate what she is describing or help her to understand the nature of the information that she’s receiving. She is putting pieces of a puzzle together through this high vibrational space; to make a clear picture for you to understand. 

Will this reading be religious or scary in any way?

No! We do not use religion; instead, we tap into a divine source of energy. The universal laws are always involved. Non-denominational angels, guides, and loved ones come from pure, divine love. There is nothing to be scared of.

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It’s known that psychics, clairvoyant and mediums have a sixth sense or Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), which enables them to access this alternate spiritual plane or realm - the universal place or space where we all are connected. On that plane, the Intuitive reads “energy vibrations” or receives messages from Spirit. We just vibe higher than most in order to connect. 

The simplest way to understand this Higher Spiritual Plane that we work on is to imagine it as a ‘spiritual worldwide web’ or a ‘cosmic internet’ to which we are all connected. Everything and everyone in the Universe is connected because everything is made of pure energy. We all come from the same energy source, and all have a beautiful divine spark that connects us together both here on earth and in the spiritual “afterlife” world.  Spiritual energy is the manifestation of the divine life force that lives within all of us. Pure love and energy are non-denominational and is the universal force that love comes from, and energy that defies description and explanation. It's considered the life force that binds the soul to the body. In this concept, the soul is itself everlasting. We are enlightened spirits in a body having a human experience. 

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Crystal Healing Chakra Balancing is done by placing individual crystals along the body or by Lisa holding the appropriate crystal for you for and your blocked areas that need clearing. 

There are seven different chakras or energy levels throughout the body, starting from 2 inches below the navel up into the top of the head. Each chakra outlines the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. Balancing the chakras can help you to be successful in your career and love life. It can also help you to make decisions, strengthen intuition, and bring harmony and stability back into your life - the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown.

No one chakra is better than the others or more important than any other in the process of energy body balancing and chakra healing. You don’t want to have extra heart chakra energy and less throat chakra energy; it doesn’t work like that. Ideally, all seven of your chakras are healed, balanced, open, and humming, allowing energy to flow into and out of your body. The amazing thing is that your body is going to find a way to move energy in and out (unless, of course, your ego self is telling it to hold on to something). If one of your chakras is closed there is a very good chance that another chakra will be overactive to make up the difference.

Your body wants energetic balance in your chakras. 

Lisa does an energetic body scan to "see and feel" the imbalance of what charkas need balancing. It’s almost as if she's able to view the dark, grey, stuck energy that is sometimes stagnant or spinning backward. Lisa will guide you through a visual process so you can "see and feel" what she is sensing to unblock and balance your chakras. Lisa uses color visualizations, along with clear energy to achieve balance. It’s very rare that all your chakras are out of balance at one time.  In Lisa's experience, only a few need to be worked on in one session. She looks at blocks and what you may need to do or say moving forward.  After a chakra healing, you can expect to feel lighter, clearer, calmer with a grounded feeling of certainty, clarity, light, and balance. 

You will need to hydrate your body with healthy liquids like water, green tea, and broths for 24 hours after your session, due to the energy being released and re-aligned into balance.  

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