How Joe Kicked Me Out of the Spiritual Closet

Hello Beautiful Soul.

My name is Lisa Silverman and I am an Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Certified Oracle Card Reader, Healer and Energy mover and shaker.

Yes I said it out loud and proud! I am WOO-WOO and totally out of the spiritual closet.

As a small child, I always had the ability to see, feel and hear energy. I always heard my loved ones that had passed over. I thought this was normal. It has only been the last four years that I got cracked open so deeply and profoundly, I could not ignore it any longer. I have been given the gift and honed in on my skills to help other people channel their loved ones for the highest good and healing for all involved.

It is through me that I connect to the divine energy source to channel the energies of past loved ones and events to give clear, healing messages. Tapping into this energy changes lives and quite frankly heals old hurts and hearts. I am here on this planet to express my souls voice loud and clear to help heal one heart at a time.

This is how my professional healing journey began…

Four-and-a-half years ago, I woke up to a broken iPhone and was not happy to say the least. The Apple Store was far from my list of priorities that day, but I knew I had to get up and go. I ended up at the Apple store located in the mall, one I typically would not use.

As I walk into the mall towards the store, I hear this voice in the center of my head say, “Hey gorgeous!” Without hesitation, I turn around to see who was calling out but don’t see anyone. Then, I hear the voice again “Hey beautiful soul.” I was looking around all angles of the store and said out loud “Am I on Candid Camera?” because I continued to hear this very loud and clear strange man’s voice in the center of my head. Still, I don’t see anyone.

“A man’s voice appears; spirit to spirit, heart to heart. He says to me as clear as day, ‘I need you to go talk to my daughter. She works at the apple store.”

I was confused and curious, thinking to myself “What’s going on? Are you kidding me? Is this really happening to me?” Suddenly, the voice loudly calls out “Lisa, you got this…anytime, anyplace, anywhere. YOU ARE A PSYCHIC MEDIUM. You can do this anywhere. You need to own this gift now.” And so, it begins. He proceeds to tell me his name is Joe and that he needs me to talk to my daughter.” Joe mentions that this will “take a lot of energy for me to reach you, but I’m going to direct you to her. Don’t worry, I’ll be there to guide the start of the conversation, but I need you to go with the flow…listen to my words and the tone of my voice.”

Meanwhile, I’m waiting at the Genius Bar in the Apple store, not in the best mood, with a broken phone and a lot of energy swarming around, including this Joe voice who insists I talk to his daughter. Finally, I was next in line to be helped. This adorable gal Stephanie is directed over to help me with the process of getting a new phone. We start to talk and suddenly, she brings up loss, just as this Joe voice told me she would. That was my cue. I politely ask “By any chance did you lose your dad not too long ago?” Stephanie quickly replies “Yes.” After confirmation, I say out loud for the first time to her “I know this is crazy…but I am a medium!” I am a medium. Wow!

This man Joe helped push me to open my mouth and blurt those three words out. I am a Medium… It was at that very moment that I owned it without hesitation. Boom! I am a medium. Anytime anyplace, anywhere just as he mentioned. After the initial shock, I say to Stephanie “I have your father standing here right beside you and he wants to give you some messages, would that be okay?”

While I wait for her response, Joe is in my head just talking up a storm, so excited to connect with his daughter. She agreed with tears in her eyes. I felt nothing but pure love, joy, and grace. I did a blessing to create a sacred space between us and with both of our guardian angels there to protect our space for the communication flow.

I previously mentioned that I’ve been able to hear, see, and feel my loved ones over my lifetime but I’ve never communicated, nor let alone talk and provide messages to someone else’s loved ones on the other side. When I channel loved ones during a reading, I can hear their thoughts and feelings, see images, scenery, mini clips, and snap-shot pictures. This was the first time that I channeled for a stranger that I knew nothing about.

As we continue to be open to the flow, Joe says to me “tell my daughter I’ve been gone for three years and that my name is Joe.” So, I ask if any of this makes sense. As tears streamed down her cheeks, Stephanie responded: “Yeah, absolutely.” Then, Joe shows me the New York skyline in a visual picture, of where he was born and raised in New York. I asked his daughter if that was true and she replied “yes.”

“When I channel loved ones during a reading, I can hear their thoughts and feelings, see images, scenery, and mini snap shot images.”

Joe shared with me that he died within two weeks after his own mother’s passing. He was happy that she passed first, and then proceeded to apologize about his divorce to his daughters’ mother, as well as some other personal things; all true and accurate statements.

Joe asked to also please give a message to his son Joey, and I asked if he had a brother named Joey. He responded by letting me know that Joey is Joseph III and that his brother is also the third. He takes pride and honor in his name and explained the lineage “my dad was Joseph; I am Joe and my son is Joey.”

Joe’s gregarious energy was coming through in the reading. He wanted me to ask Stephanie about Pennies. I asked her if she finds pennies on the ground a lot and she replies “I find pennies all the time in the most random spots like in the middle of my floor, out of nowhere, or sitting right in my car seat waiting for me!” Then he starts singing this song “pennies, pennies from heaven” to me and I sing it to her, and she starts crying even more because he sang that song to her all the time while growing up.

Through channeling, I was able to communicate Joe’s message to his daughter Stephanie. He wanted her to know that he is around all the time and loves her so much. He always stays connected and never misses anything important and even named a few very specific events that made total sense to her. Joe also made some predictions for his daughters future two of which were true. He mentioned that Stephanie was going to have a baby and was very insistent on her moving away from where she was living. I proceeded to ask if she was “planning on moving because Joe is telling me he does not like the place your living” and she instantly replied, “yes, I’m moving in a few weeks.”

This adorable gal who was only there to assist in fixing my phone ended up in a conversation with me and her dad that lasted about 10 minutes. By the end of it, she felt a great sense of relief and healing. The magic of my abilities unfolded and I walked out of the Apple store with a new phone, a feeling of deep gratitude, and calming energy of love all around me. I look forward to connecting with you on this beautiful journey.

Seven months later, I received a call from Stephanie. She moved and was expecting a baby within a few months and wanted to book a session with me. The second reading was filled with other relatives that came through and even more information that we all were able to connect to. I owe so much to Joe for kicking my butt and telling me to “own my gifts and share them with others.” This was a very special encounter, one that I’ll never forget. Till this day, Joe is still my guide and continues to kick my butt every now and then to push me out more. I am forever grateful for Joe, his daughter Stephanie, and all beautiful messages from spirit that validate the gift I have within. Joe changed my life by pushing me out of the spiritual closet while also healing his daughter’s broken heart.

Since that encounter, I’ve opened the ability to channel for others. I have had the privilege and opportunity to re-connect hundreds of people with loved ones from the other side and share their beautiful, accurate and heartfelt healing messages. I don’t take this calling lightly. I dove in and I keep learning! I have studied the world’s best Psychic Mediums, Healers and Teachers. Like Joe said, “I got this.” It’ is a journey of the soul and my soul purpose to do this energy WOO~WOO work. We all suffer from loss at different stages in our lives, some more deeply than others. One thing I know, based on the readings I have done, is that our loved ones live on. They want us to be happy on earth.

When you feel that aha-moment, need or desire for clarity, connection or a curiosity of spirit, I invite you to check out some testimonials on my website and book a session with me online! I know you will get clarity and have a profound healing experience. When we unite with your loved ones the magic unfolds. I look forward to connecting with you on this beautiful journey.

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