Tyson’s Gift: How an 8-Pound K9 Became a Man’s Greatest Spiritual Guide

By Brandon Wainwright

“Now,” Lisa said, “let’s move on to the elephant in the room. Which, of course, is your dog. He’s been waiting patiently.”

… Lisa paused for a moment, then she asked, “Was he very masculine?”

“Oh, yeah. He was very masculine. He had a real swagger about him.”

“But was he also kind of frail? Because I’m getting pain on the right rear side of his body that moves all the way up to the front right.”

After the accuracy Lisa had already displayed, I wasn’t surprised that she would know about his leg, but it still bowled me over. It seemed unlikely that she would juxtapose frailty with masculinity-unless, of course, she was really talking to Tyson.

My skeptical mind was pretty much shut down at this point. I proceeded to explain about Tyson’s leg and how he had compensated by putting extra weight on his right front paw, which caused it to become arthritic.

“Before we finish,” I said, “can you ask him about the tattoo?”

“Are you gonna get a tattoo of him?” she asked, touched.

“No,” I said with a mischievous smile.

I was surprised Lisa had gotten this wrong… But then she hadn’t even taken a second to communicate with Tyson before she spoke.

It was as if Tyson had clued her in. “Oh!” Lisa said enthusiastically. “You got his paw print tattooed on you!”

I pulled up my sleeve and confirmed what she already knew.

Needless to say, I was struck with how accurate Lisa had been, and I couldn’t think of any reasonable explanation as to how she’d known so much about Mark, Chris, Grandma Anne, and Tyson… other than she had actually been in communication with them.

What really resonated about the whole experience was the feeling of connection I’d felt. It was as if I’d gone in search of Tyson and had unexpectedly crossed paths with long-lost loved ones, and we’d enjoyed a cup of coffee together.